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Our sauces and pastes are available in all good Asian grocery stores, however, if you prefer the convienience of shopping from home, we also ship direct via Australia Post.

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Flat rate parcel post within Australia is:
$8.00 for 1 bottle
$12.50 for 2-6 bottles
(pro rata postage for greater quantities)

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250g Laksa Paste

A spicy paste to be mixed with coconut cream to make a hot and spicy soup. It is traditionally eaten with noodles, seafood, vegetables and meat.

Price: $6.95

250g Rendang Paste

A spicy, hot and sweet paste used mainly for cooking beef but it is also beautiful to cook with other meats or potatoes.

Price: $6.95

250g Curry Paste

A traditional nyonya (Malay + Chinese) flavour. This recipe was created by our great-grandmother who was very careful in choosing her ingredients when mixing the spices to make this beautiful authentic nyonya taste.

Price: $6.95

250g Hai Nan Chilli Sauce

A dipping chilli sauce with ginger and garlic. It is sweet, sour and hot mainly used for steamed chicken served with special Hai Nan Chicken rice. It is also delicious for dipping seafood and finger food.

Price: $5.95

250g Chilli Crab Sauce

A sublime ginger and peanut sauce traditionally used for cooking crab. However, you will be surprised at how tasty it is when used in salads or even when cooked with
Kon Low Mee (dry stir fried noodles).

Price: $5.95

250g Sambal Chilli Sauce

A traditional spicy shrimp based Indonesian sauce which is great for cooking stir-fried spinach or prawns. It can also be used in fried rice and fried noodles to give them extra spice and fragrance.

Price: $5.95

250g Olek Chilli Sauce

An extra hot sauce made of chilies with no other additives such as garlic or spices for a more simpler taste. Use this sauce to add heat to a dish without altering the other delicate flavours.

Price: $5.95